How'd I get here?

Some time in 2005 I decided to go ahead and do what everyone kept telling me to do. I pretty much quit my job of 14 years and started sewing full time. I've been sewing since I was a kid. I used to sit on my Grandma's back porch & try to make stuff while she worked away at her machine. I was always the kid in school whose Grandma made all her clothes. I guess I got the sewing bug from her, thanks Grandma. I took a sewing class in 7th grade and picked up some stuff from my Grandma, but I'm mostly self taught. I can make all sorts of things, Halloween costumes for my friends' kids, quilts, clothing, handbags, curtains, pillows - you name it. So here I am, it's taken a while to get it going, but is launched and open for business. I hope it works out, I don't want a real job any more!

Some of my favorite things

(in no particular order)

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